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It’s 2024. The good news is nobody’s saying they don’t have an email account. The bad news… Well, when was the last time you sent a personal email?

Our inboxes are now reserved for business: transaction receipts, newsletters, etc.

Not for friends.

Instead, we talk to our friends over chat messages. So why aren’t businesses communicating where their customers are?

Email inboxes are competitive. Google & Yahoo’s sender requirement along with Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection changes have also made email marketing more difficult.

But we both know email isn’t going anywhere.  It’s a pillar in any marketing stack. When done properly, email can significantly drive conversion. 1send was built to complement, not replace email marketing.

1send takes the same email marketing practices you’re used to, sprinkles in a little SMS marketing, and puts them onto Facebook Messenger.

  • You get accurate analytics like open rates. No more prefetching.

  • You get access to a new, unsaturated channel. No more competing with other brands for attention.

  • You get 100% deliverability to your audience. No more worrying about links or spam filters.

  • You get fast responses from your audience. No more waiting days to review performance.

  • You get to leverage Facebook’s reach and scale for subscribers.

Reach out to m@1send.net to try for free!


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