Retention Marketing on
Facebook Messenger

Retention Marketing on
Facebook Messenger

Retention Marketing on
Facebook Messenger

A better way to engage your audience

A better way to engage your audience

A better way to engage your audience


Drive revenue with Messenger

The tools you need to connect and engage with your customers


Grow your subscription list as an owned channel on Facebook. 1send provides a unique subscription URL link, allowing your customers to easily opt-in and become part of your growing community. Harness the power of social media audiences to build and manage your subscribers.

Clear one-click opt-ins

Subscription ad integration


Engage subscribers with compelling messages. Whenever. In bulk. Delivered straight to their primary inbox. Elevate your reach and impact with 1send's broadcasting tools.

Guaranteed deliverability

Rich message format

Backed by socials


Make informed decisions and track performance metrics using 1send's analytics. Quantify subscriber interactions for actionable insights. Optimize your campaigns and messaging with confidence.

Accurate open rates

Instant subscriber insights


A subscription list, not a chatbot

A broadcasting tool for proactive messages

With 1send businesses can initiate proactive, outbound messages to customers.

Built for promotions and marketing

1send allows businesses to send outbound promotions to their subscribers.

Grow and message subscribers immediately

Use the 1send subscription link to growing subscribers and message them immediately.

Easily attribute revenue and ROI

Campaigns include analytics and links to drive the metrics that matter.

Delight customers with valuable messages

Create tailored messages that are relevant and valuable to your customers.




A flow chart for reactive responses

Chatbots have logic built in to respond to and react to customer triggers.

Built for customer service

Chatbots provide automated support and routes common questions like FAQs.

Time consuming flow chart setup

Setup requires predicting common questions and responses before launching.

Unclear revenue and ROI attribution

Chatbots are passive so it's difficult to measure especially within a certain timeframe.

Frustrate customers with wrong options

Customer needs vary but response options are limited and leaves customer frustrated.


The perfect tool for marketers

Works well with your existing digital marketing

Paid ads

Use Meta's new click-to-subscribe (CTS) ad format to grow your subscriber count. Save on retargeting ads while increasing conversion.

Social media marketing

Leverage your brand's social reputation. Consistent impressions straight to the subscriber's inbox without worrying about the algorithm.

Email/SMS marketing

Expand your capabilities onto a new unsaturated channel. Get over 60% open rates within 24 hours without worrying about deliverability.


See the other side

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Frequently asked questions

Is this different to broadcast channels like Whatsapp & Telegram?

Does this violate Meta’s policies?

How do I get subscribers?

Does Meta still have a 24 hour follow up rule?


Being an emerging marketplace, it is hard to compete with established players in the market. It was great that 1send can provide a new channel to do that, which reaches out to our customers in a refreshing way for higher receptivity!

Glenn Ng

Founder & CEO, Indo4ward

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